The Mets Ain’t Half Bad, But They Ain’t Half Good Either

Even though the All Star Break doesn’t reach us for another week, the official halfway point of the season (81 games) came yesterday after the Mets 2-0 loss to the Phillies.

The New York Mets find themselves four games behind the division leading (and Mets-fan hated) Philadelphia Phillies. The “official” first half ended with a record of 39-42, tied with the Atlanta Braves for third place in the NL East. All this despite one injury after another, a sweep by the Yankees at home two weeks ago, and a sweep by the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park this weekend.

The Mets are 2-8 in their last 10 games. But it’s more than the actual record that concerns me. It’s not so much they they couldn’t win if their lives depended on it. It’s how they play. And how they act.

I see absolutely no difference in this team than the one that existed under Willie Randolph. It seems managers don’t demand fundamentals from this club, no matter who is on the field. I’m tired of Jerry Manuel’s post-game addressing of the media. I said it last year and the year before about Willie, and I’m saying it now about Jerry. It’s one nonsense excuse after another as to why the team is not winning or why a certain play, offensively or defensively, was not pulled off successfully.

Jerry’s post-game addressing of the media needs an overhaul. I don’t know why they even waste their time. I’ll give the interview: “So-and-so didn’t get the job done tonight…we’ll get ’em tomorrow…yadda, yadda, yadda…” His lips are moving but I’m not hearing anything. After a while, I just drown him out. Eventually I flip the channel or use the picture-in-picture feature to minimize the hurt – both literally and figuratively.

This team has taken on the personality of their manager – nothing is serious. If I hear Jerry laugh, and I mean heartily, during another post-game interview following a loss, I’m going to hurl the television out the window.

I understand the plethora of injuries this team has suffered. It’s hard to win when half your starting lineup is on the shelf. And it’s hard to stay motivated when you keep losing. But these guys are making millions to play the game they love, and shouldn’t need someone to hold their hand and push them in the right direction. This team has played their share of embarrassing baseball this year and should want to do the things to make it better on their own. Could it be that this team really isn’t as good as we thought they were? On paper, they look great. One big-name star after another. But these “stars” haven’t lived up to their expectations, nor to their past accomplishments.

You know what irritates me? The confidence that every team has in facing the Mets. It’s one thing to look forward to trying to beat the New York Mets. That would actually be flattering. But the confidence that they actually can and will beat us (and then do) is sickening.

I’m tired of one 1-2-3 inning after another. I’m tired of getting men on and not getting them in…or even over! I’m tired of quality pitching getting absolutely zero run support. And what’s with all the hitting into double plays this year?

It pains me to say it, but I don’t think we’re going to have a collapse this year. No. We’re simply not even going to be in the running …