Swept Away Again — Disgusting

Hmmm… what next genius move will emanate from Mets’ ownership? Perhaps the promotion of Josh Thole or Wilmer Flores. My God, what farther depths will we sink to this season?

If being swept out of Citi by the Yanks weren’t bad enough, today we fans were treated to a greater humiliation (owing to playoff chances and division rivalry) by being swept out of Citizens Bank Park, a 2-0 loss to the Phils, to that ace of aces, Joe Blanton; this guy had an ERA of 5.-something before the start of today’s game.

Every time we had a chance to score, you could count on Wright or Tatis (a joke!) to hit into ye olde double play. Again, I just can’t remember when the Mets looked so horrible in every fundamental way at the plate. I really wanted to see Murph up w/ the bases loaded, especially as he’d had a brilliant previous at bat, walking on 11-pitches. Manuel played the percentages, the pitching change match up, and, of course, we could have predicted the result when we got to hear the tired old refrain: “Tatis has hit two GS against Chan Ho Park…” Ugh!

Again, Sheff came up, and again he loves to look at the meatball fastballs he’s served. Total gopher pitches that he enjoys taking for strikes, but then throw him the ball away and in the dirt, and he’s sure to put a mighty swing on it. Nothing, but nothing is working!

My girlfriend told me I needed a break from the Mets today, and I’m beginning to think she’s right. We are four games out; we could’ve been two out. I see a very bleak July for this team unless something radically unexpected happens. Wright just typifies how they are hitting. The guy looks as bad as I have ever seen him—totally pathetic. It’s like automatic that he’s just going to K. Wowweee!

Santana threw well, even knowing he didn’t have electric stuff. Two of the three base hits he allowed just happened to go a little too far. We used to say, it’s not so hard to understand why the Mets don’t score much for him because he’s usually opposed by other aces. Certainly wasn’t the case today.

I don’t know about you, but I am so disgusted with these Mets. Good thing we didn’t go after Ramirez or Ibanez.

Next up the Dodgers. Should be fun. Please call me with the results.