So Who’s Our First Baseman In 2010?

It’s been such a trying season… You try and maintain some semblance of optimism, but at some point you become overwhelmed with the errors, running miscues, lack of fundamentals, etc.

Everyone is blaming the injuries for this Mets debacle ever since Carlos Delgado first hit the disabled list. But what happens next season when Carlos Delgado packs his bags and goes back to the American League?

We keep hearing about Dan Murphy and Nick Evans being the future of first base for the Mets, so is that our answer next season?

Have we all been witnesses to a preview of 2010?

We had plenty of opportunities to trade Murphy when a handful of teams actually had some interest, but Omar refused to part with his prized prospect.

If the power outage of 2009 can be traced to the loss of Carlos Delgado, than wouldn’t we be subjected to the same problem next season?

If Dan Murphy, Fernando Tatis and Nick Evans can’t provide the offense and plate presence of Delgado now, what makes anyone think they can do it in 2010?

And if we all agree that neither of them can fill Carlos Delgado’s shoes, why exactly is everyone so reluctant to trade Dan Murphy?

Call me crazy, but what we have in Murphy is a hitter who cannot play any defensive position well enough to be an everyday player. You can overlook the defensive deficiency of some players because their offense more than makes up for it, but obviously that is not the case with Murphy.

So where do we go next season? There are no answers in the 2010 free agent class that I can see…

First Basemen
Carlos Delgado NYM
Jason Giambi  OAK
Ross Gload FLA
Aubrey Huff BAL
Nick Johnson WAS
Adam LaRoche PIT
Robb Quinlan LAA
Matt Stairs PHI
Mike Sweeney SEA
Jim Thome CHW
Chad Tracy ARZ

Most of them are DH types anyway and the only name that jumps out at me is Nick Johnson whose claim to fame is that he has spent over 250 days on a disabled list in the last five years.

I don’t see any Mark Teixeira’s or even an Adam Dunn out there, do you? 

If Omar is as sharp as he thinks he is, why didn’t he foresee this?

Free agent info courtesy of Cot’s Contracts.

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