So Do We Buy or Sell?

These last four games have been great for us Mets fans and for the Mets themselves, but they can’t be making Omar Minaya’s job any easier.  With the Mets sinking fast at 7 games under .500 and in fourth place in the NL East after Friday’s loss in Houston, Minaya had to be thinking about becoming a seller at the trade deadline.  Sure, that would piss off many of us, but the farm system is downright depleted and we could stand to unload some veterans (and salary) for some prospects. 

But of course, the Mets never make things easy.  Four straight wins later, two against a team they are chasing for the wild card, Colorado, and there is an air of optimism again.  We’re still 5.5 games behind Colorado and San Francisco, with Florida, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston and Milwaukee all there to climb over.  But this thing is far from over, and who knows what the likes of Roy Halladay could do for this team?  Heck, if the Mets did somehow manage to win the wild card, they would have to have a guy like Halladay to pair with Johan Santana in a short series with the Phillies, who now have Cliff Lee behind Cole Hamels.  But it’s hard to imagine the Mets even having the goods on the farm to land a Halladay. 

So what does Omar do now?  As crazy as this sounds, the games tonight and tomorrow afternoon are probably going to determine if something happens before Friday’s trade deadline.  Lose both games, and we might be selling.  Win both and we could be buyers.  Split the games and it could go either way. 

What do you all think?