Omar’s Conference Call From Hell

Okay so it’s not really the conference call from hell, but lately doesn’t it seem like Omar’s become the harbinger of death whenever he addresses the media?

Today he had another one of those conference calls where he throws an unexpected curveball at us, or was it a spitter?

There are many versions out there about what was said, but I think I’ll go with Newsday’s David Lennon’s take on it because he does an excellent job of recapping it for us.

Just wrapped a conference call with Omar Minaya, who provided updates on the Mets’ numerous injuries. Not much good news. Here’s a recap:

— Fernando Martinez had surgery two days ago to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee and will be out six to eight weeks. Looks like he’ll be staying out through the trade deadline.

— Minaya said Jose Reyes is probably the closest to returning from the DL. He took live batting practice off John Maine today in Port St. Lucie, but had yet to run the bases. Reyes has been limited to agility drills with some hard running in the outfield.

— Maine is probably next in line as the Mets remain hopeful he can pitch in a rehab game in a week to 10 days. Minaya said he no longer has pain behind his right shoulder.

— Carlos Delgado also is in Port St. Lucie, where he is taking BP as well as infield practice. Minaya was optimistic with his progress, but does not anticipate him returning before August.

— As for Carlos Beltran, he had another MRI that showed the bone bruise did not shrink “sufficiently” to allow him to resume full baseball activity. Beltran is mostly running in the hydrotherapy pool and riding a stationary bike.

So where do I begin…

Should I remind everybody about how often I’ve expressed my concern about the Carlos Beltran bone bruise in the last three days?

Or do I go straight to the news that F-Mart is out for six to eight weeks?

Lets start with Beltran… On Monday I wrote the following,

Something smells bad about this bone bruise, and I was shocked about a couple of things I read about Beltran in the last two days. You may recall that picture of Beltran being taken after he returned to play against the Pirates after missing a few games from a cortisone shot the Mets gave him for that bone bruise, which has now overtaken El Duque’s bunion as the the weirdest Mets injury in recent memory. He has now been seen wearing a knee brace for the first time since he went on the DL. Shouldn’t he be getting better and not worse?

If Beltran isn’t ready to even begin baseball related activities, I think it’s safe to say his return is now pushed to August. Damn it!

As for F-Mart, he gets injured like this every freaking year. He reminds me of Alex Escobar, the last amazing can’t-miss, five-tool, outfielder the Mets had. Escobar faded into baseball’s black hole, can F-Mart be too far behind? Please trade him as soon as he can walk without crutches!

Now for John Maine… He MAY be ready to pitch in a minor league game in a week to ten days. That puts his return at the first week in August. That assumes he only makes one rehab start and has no setbacks. What are the odds on that happening. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Jose Reyes has yet to RUN the bases? Wow…

I take it back… this is the conference call from hell.

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