Now Batting Sixth… First Baseman… Livan Hernandez

From the archives of the strange, but true…

The Mets may have found themselves a new utility infielder who can play first base, third base, pinch hit, and even pitch a complete game.

And the best part is, we don’t have to give up any propsects to get him because he’s already on the team.

Adam Rubin of the Daily News explains in his excellent blog Surfing The Mets,

Manuel said he has another use for Hernandez. With the Mets completing the weekend with a three-man bench while Sheffield’s hamstring mends, the manager indicated Hernandez could pinch-hit, or play first or third base if necessary. Manuel insisted he was serious, and that Hernandez manned those positions in Cuba.

Wow. I know things were bad, but I had no idea that they were this bad.

Also, from the “Take The Damn Foot Out Of Your Mouth” department…

Jerry Manuel proudly proclaimed last week that any Mets starter that had three poor performances in a row, “would be yanked from the rotation”.

It was probably one of Manuel’s most ridiculous comment in a season that has been full of ridiculous quotes from the skipper.

Anyway, after two poor starts by Livan Hernandez, he was told that he is not in any danger of being “yanked from the rotation”.

It appears to me, that everytime Manuel tries to be Berra-esque, all he does is undermine his own credibility.

In another brain freeze moment, this weekend, when asked to comment about Sheffield’s leg injury he said,

“They’re calling it cramps . . . surgery on Thursday.”

Manuel then erupted with laughter and abruptly stopped laughing when he realized that SNY had the camera rolling. Manuel then offered an apology, “I couldn’t resist. Sorry, doctors.”

He then pleaded twice with Kevin Burkhardt not to run the footage, but Burkhardt told him he couldn’t do that.

Poor Jerry… he still doesn’t understand the power of the press…

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