MetsWrighter’s Week In Review

I may be a few days late and many dollars short, but I’d finally like to weigh in on all that has transpired with our Mets this past week, on and mostly off the field.

First of all, going back to the Halladay deal. Whether it was or wasn’t true, I am glad the Mets did not make the trade. Now before you all start screaming at me, hear me out. I am not saying I wouldn’t want to have him on our team. What is there not to want? But the problem I see is simple. He’s only out there every fifth day. If the Mets’ woes were something that he, or any other pitcher could fix, don’t you think Johan Santana could have and would have done it already?

I’m not saying the one-two punch of Santana and Halladay wouldn’t be awesome. And not only would we have him, but the Phillies would not. But you can’t go out and get a guy, just so another team doesn’t. It’s not even about who they would have given up for Halladay. It’s whether or not the deal made sense. Think about this for a moment. The Mets haven’t been able to provide Santana with any run support, what makes you think they’d provide it to Halladay? It’s the same team behind any pitcher.

The Mets need a bat more than they need another arm. Someone who can play every day, therefore making a difference every day, and hopefully drive in runs. Because no matter how good the pitcher is, you can’t win if you don’t score. The pitching would be fine if they weren’t under so much pressure to be perfect because their offense is non-existent. The way you can’t have a pitcher be the captain of a team because he is only out there every fifth day, (and I’m not so sure I buy that, but that’s the point I will argue) that’s the same way you can’t rely on a pitcher to carry a team. Halladay is not the answer.

To anyone who said that the Mets are going in the direction of pitching and defense and that’s why they made the trade to get Francoeur, you are only half right. They may be looking to go in that direction, but they could have kept Church for that.

Moving on to the Bernazard issue. The Mets need to move fast with their decision process. They can’t continue to have this cloud hanging over them. They have enough problems on the field. And it would be one thing if it was just at the Double A level. Once the whole K-Rod incident comes into play, it’s a whole new ballgame. (No pun intended.)

Omar needs to stop talking and start doing. How many times did he use the word “investigate”? Someone at SNY should have put up a running tally in the top corner of our screens. It reminded me of President Obama’s Inaugural speach. How many times did he use the word “change”? Hmmm…notice a similarity?