Mets On The Verge Of Double Digits In ‘Games Back’

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the standings anymore. Four games out was cute. You want to give us a little something to be anxious about and keep us in the game – fine. Seven games out was worrisome. You want to test our loyalty and make us sweat – okay. But the fact that the Mets could be ten, count ’em, ten games behind the Phillies by the end of play tonight, is flat out frightening.

I want to believe. I really do. But it’s so painful. How do you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again, knowing you are going to get the same disappointing results? If the Mets want the fans to change their attitude, then they have to change theirs. It starts with upper management.

The Mets have a top-heavy team. All their talent is at the Major League level. So when you suffer from as many injuries as they have, you have no depth to look to for help. The only thing that could come out of a situation like this, is the ruination of Daniel Murphy’s career. What was once a top prospect, is now a huge disappointment. Trying him out at different positions to ‘fill in’ where needed, and therefore rushing his arrival to the Major Leagues, was not a fair deal for him.

While the Phillies are also a top-heavy team with no farm system, fortunately for them they have stayed healthy. Now we don’t know for sure if that’s what has led to their success so far this year, but it certainly did not hurt it.

All this talk about moving Carlos Beltran is upsetting me. Okay, he’s struggling with injury this year and he is getting up there in age. But he is still too damn good of a player to get rid of. The idea of Wright, Santana and K-Rod being the sole ‘untouchables’ of this team is a crock. You either include Beltran and Reyes in that group, or you have no group at all.

You all know how much I love David Wright. But I don’t want to hear how he has been the only one to do anything for this team. To set the record straight, he is the only one who hasn’t gotten hurt. He is not the David Wright he should be or that we want him to be. He has adjusted his swing to accomodate Citi Field, but it’s not working at home and it has killed him on the road. David Wright just needs to go back to being David Wright. I understand the pressure he is under, being the only one left standing after the injury bug bit the core four. And while he still has to be the leader of this club, he also needs to just do his thing.

The Mets now move on to Washington to face the Nationals. The Nats have lost 10 of their last 11, and five in a row under interim-manager, Jim Riggelman. But they’re playing the Mets now, so that all means nothing.