Mets Are The Worst Team Money Could Buy

When you look at all the teams in both the American and National Leagues objectively, and you consider their payroll versus production in several statistical categories across the board, it becomes quite obvious that the Mets are indeed the worst team money can buy.

The Mets boast the second highest payroll in Major League Baseball with over $145 million dollars on the books, practically dwarfing more than half the teams in both leagues.

And for all that embarrassment of riches their lineup featured a cleanup hitter with just three homeruns during the just completed Phillies series that saw the Mets score just three runs. In fact, the Mets are last among all 30 teams in homeruns with 50, yet they have allowed 73 to opposing teams. They have hit just 3 opposite field homeruns all season. Wow!

And while the management and ownership group blame the vastness of the new park, the truth is that Citi Field is not the reason for their power outage. Just ask Chase Utley.

The Mets argued that the homeruns would be down in 2009 before the season even got started, but it would be offset by a staggering increase in triples. That’s not the case. The Mets are on pace to hit 34 triples compared to 38 last season, and they are on pace to have 300 less total bases than they had in 2008. That is not a typo. They are last in the league in slugging percentage.

The Mets do lead the league in some categories and among them is grounding into double plays, a fact that became painfully apparent as they were being swept by their division rivals.

They supposedly fixed their bullpen problems of a year ago when they set a franchise record with 28 blown saves, but so far at the halfway point, they have racked up 12 blown saves, with most of them coming in the last six weeks.

Mets pitchers have the lowest BB/K ratio in the league and are second to last in the league in K/9 ratio. They also lead the league in balks with more than twice as many than the next worst team.

Alex Cora recently called his team the worst defensive team in baseball. That’s not entirely accurate, but they have racked up 55 errors, 12 of them coming from David Wright who is on pace to have his worst defensive season of his career. Of course those 55 errors do not include all the mental gaffes like overrunning the ball, or letting it fall between them, or not hitting the cutoff man, etc.

The Mets like to point their fingers at their disabled list and say that’s why we’re so bad. But that’s a load of BS and they know it. The fact of the matter is that even with the $80 million dollars worth of product on the field, they still make more than two-thirds of the teams in their league.

The Phillies have suffered losses due to injuries also, including number two pitcher Brett Myers. number four pitcher Antonio Bastardo, reliever J.C. Romero (PED suspension), closer Brad Lidge, and the league’s MVP before he got injured, left fielder Raul Ibanez.

The Phillies still managed to contend with the likes of washed up journeymen Rodrigo Lopez and Chan Ho Park this weekend, who the Mets couldn’t even touch up for one extra base hit in the most hitter friendly park in the league.

So do the Mets have the worst team money could buy?

You bet they do.

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