Loyalty & Stupidity

Say what you will about Mets ownership, but one thing they have shown is that they are 100% loyal to G.M. Omar Minaya. Since Carlos Beltran (remember him), was caught looking to end the 2006 playoff run for the Mets, the team has been in a state of steady decline.

The Collapse of 2007 is still an open wound to me. The fact that the Mets rolled over and played dead during September was and is inexcusable. During the final weeks of the season, it seemed like the Mets were playing the Nationals almost everyday, and losing to the Nationals almost everyday. It was the Nats for God’s sake not the 1927 New York Yankees. When the season ended I expected changes. At minimum I expect manager Willie Randolph to be fired. Instead of a new manager, and an overhauled bullpen, we got a full page apology in the newspaper! The age of Zero Accountability had begun.

In fairness to Omar, he did make a big change by bringing Johan Santana here. But that changed didn’t happen until February 2008.

When last season begun it was apparent the Mets were still hung-over from the 2207 collapse. The same cancerous stale air that was in the clubhouse in 2007 was there in 2008. It was also obvious that this team for whatever reasons was not playing for Willie Randolph. Omar waited, and waited to fire Randolph, but finally it happened. Omar would have you believe he was loyal to Randolph and that’s why he waited so long to fire him.

When Wagner and Maine both went down last season, Omar did nothing to help the club. No deals were made, the framework for Collapse 2008, the sequel were in place.

As a reward for seeing the Mets collapse in both 2007 and 2008, the Wilpons granted Omar a three extension! The Wilpons have bought into this notion of zero accountabily. For whatever the reason the Wilpons are blindly loyal to Omar, the snake oil salesman, the teflon G.M.

This week we have two very disturbing stories about Omar’s main guy Tony Bernazard. Its safe to say this guy at the very least has some anger management issues. Its also safe to say this guy has to be one of the most stupid guys in organized baseball. An unwritten rule here Tony, don’t do anything to embarrass ownership. As if cursing and screaming about the Diamondbacks scouts being in his seats wasn’t bad enough, we now here the kook challenged a bunch od AA ballplayers to a fight! Lets see middle aged guy against 18-19 year old guys. If the B-Mets did fight Tony, they’d would have killed the guy. At least the kids showed some common sense.

So this story breaks, and what do we get from Omar: “We take these charges very seriously, and we are investigating them.” I heard Omar’s meeting with the press on WFAN yesterday, and was embarrassed by his response. You would think Omar would have someone on his staff to write something for him. This is the NY Mets, playing in the largest media market in the world. The G.M. comes off sounding like a clueless thug. But lets face it, Tony is Omar’s guy. Omar is loyal to Tony, so Tony will be here a while.

The silence coming from ownership is deafening. The Wilpons are letting Omar run the baseball operation. Why not, Omar has made lots of money for the Wilpons. Even though 2007 & 2008 were disasters, the Mets drew good crowds. As long as the Wilpons are making money why should they change anything? I don’t want to hear about how Bernie Madoff ripped off the Wilpons. I’ll just say this, I wish I had $50 million to lose.

Fred Wilpon is a smart guy. Fred never said he wants the Mets to win championships. Fred said he wants the Mets to play “meaningful September baseball.” Which for the past three years they’ve done. But what happens this year, when the Mets are 15 games back come Labor Day? When we see the has beens and future stars on the field. Will the fans go out to Dodgertown, oops I mean CitiField to watch this team. There will be no meaningful September baseball this year. At that point will the Wilpons isssue another full page apology, or will they wake up and fire the G.M.?