Lest We Forget, He’s 24! (And Other Mets Thoughts)

Sometimes I just sit back and wonder to myself, “If a player didn’t come up playing for a New York team, would he blossom?” and I often find myself saying yes. (See Heath Bell, Matt Lindstrom, Scott Kazmir) Now, I’m someone who constantly bashes the New York media(Including the fans sometimes!) for making something out of nothing and putting too much pressure on the teams to win now, on the players to start hitting now and the pitchers to start winning now. Sometimes we need to exercise a little patience with players to actually let them develop. I think Daniel Murphy is one such case.

Have we already forgotten that he was “super rookie” last year down the stretch, and some Met fans were clamoring that he was to be Rookie of The Year if he didn’t get that 131th AB? Daniel Murphy was never a blue-chip prospect, and he probably won’t ever be an all-star. But he can be a good player, because I trust in his baseball wherewithal, at least at the plate.

Murphy’s only 24!

Not every player blossoms early like David Wright and Jose Reyes. And at the plate, Daniel has shown maturity. He may not have shown development, and i’ll admit to that. But everyone used to clamor on how patient he was at the plate, and his pitch recognition at his age was incredible. He can go to the opposite field with regularity.

Murphy was a natural third baseman in the Minors! And he comes up to the majors to be changed to Left field, then he played second base in winter ball, and now he’s playing first base? This is the majors, people. You’re supposed to make these changes in the Minors.

However, I give Daniel a lot of credit. I think he’s put a little too much pressure on himself at the plate and has struggled because of that. Lately he’s looked much better and he enjoyed a decent night last night. Murphy may not become a big power hitter any time in his career, but he will become a solid regular, and he deserves a little time.

Other Mets Thoughts (There’s a lot of them. Humor yourselves with these.)

  • I hope JJ Putz returns to pitch well. Then I believe the Mets should pick up his option and trade him as a closer. Could the Brewers be a candidate? (Hat Tip to Davey for suggesting the Brewers.)
  • Should David Wright be moved to first base and should the Mets then pursue a third baseman? (Hat Tip to Joe D.)
  • Mark Teahen plays third and first base. I want Joakim Soria as my set-up man. Could the Mets somehow swing a deal to get Soria and Teahen by using prospects acquired in a Putz deal along with Murphy, Kunz, and cash? (I know, I know, i’m a dreamer.)
  • No, I would not have taken that deal for Halladay unless there was a window for an extension. However : Santana, Halladay, Pelfrey, Maine, Perez makes me drool. A part of me wants Rios in the Halladay deal though.
  • Holt Or Niese? I’d pick Niese at this point.
  • Luis Castillo has way more trade value than Oliver Perez.
  • If Mark Teahen, Daniel Murphy, or Carlos Delgado isn’t playing 1B for us in 2010, who is?
  • Matt Holliday is and will be a .280 20/20 guy. Before last night, he had less home runs than Gary Sheffield. Jason Bay is a free agent for this year, but no one should get their hopes up.
  • The Mets should never offer no-trade clauses in their contracts. Look what it did to the Padres.
  • Are Adrian Beltre or Troy Glaus that bad? They are free agents at Age 31 and Age 33 respectively after the 09 season. Glaus and Beltre are both coming back from surgery.
  • If David Wright wants to be a Met for life, the Mets should trade prospect Jefry Marte.
  • At least we can beat the Nationals.