I’m Running Out Of Axes To Grind

I used to consider the Mets my therapy and my stress relief from the daily grind, never did I believe that they would become the source of my angst.

I thought for sure that we were going to win it all in 2009 after we signed K-Rod and traded for Putz. I really wanted to get a big bat for leftfield too, but despite that unfulfilled wish I still thought we closed the gap between us and a playoff berth. Wow, was I wrong…

The most shocking thing of all this season, is just how many shocking losses we have had to endure. It’s one stunning blow to the head after another. How many times can we hit the canvas for the ten count, and pick ourselves up, dazed and wobbly in a punch drunk stupor, before the ref says ten?

Only to be knocked out again in the next round… The Mets are running out of rounds.

Ryan Church doesn’t tag third, Carlos Beltran doesn’t slide home, three errors in one inning, Castillo drops an infield popup, Reyes makes the last out stealing third, F-Mart fails to run, Murphy turns an out into a game winning triple. walking Mariano Rivera with the bases loaded, being swept by the Pirates, the 15-0 Santana shelling at Yankee Stadium , and what was that fourth inning last night?

By the way, don’t you dare blame any of those losses on our injuries. Can anybody here play this game?

And who the hell was Johan Santana yelling at last night in the dugout? I hope it was at himself for walking the opposing pitcher on four pitches, grooving one to Ryan Braun with the bases loaded, and then sailing the throw to third base allowing all four runs to score. And by the way Johan, six walks to opposing pitchers this season? What’s up with that?

These guys are so tight their facial muscles have seized up on them and they are now incapable of smiling. They are in despair.

I’m not letting Jerry Manuel get away that easy either. You vowed in spring training that this season every game will mean something. No games will be taken for granted. Those were your words, not mine. So now in the midst of a five game losing streak you want to bench Wright and Sheffield despite a combined 11 hits from them in this series? And you’ve decided to do this against their ace pitcher Gallardo? You my friend, speak with a forked tongue.

UPDATE: Manuel changed his mind, Wright will be in today’s lineup. Now he can add that he’s a flip-flopper to his resume.

I can go on and on, but why not save some gasoline for the next loss which might come as soon as this afternoon…

Someone pass me the Rolaids…

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