Final Thoughts On Bernazard

This afternoon we learned that Omar Minaya has satiated, for the time being, the faithful by throwing the head-still attached to the body of Tony Bernazard to the wolves. As if a suffering Mets fan will rush to their favorite gin mill after work and start celebrating.

Who really cares about a behind the scenes guy who has run amok? Of course, its embarrassing, but more to the owners than to the fans. The fans want their team to hit baseballs out of the park and for the pitchers to strike out the opposition, and most importantly win ballgames.

What it does say loud and clear, is Rome is burning and Nero, er Omar, keeps fiddling. The organization is in a shambles and the buck stops with Minaya. So, brace yourself Mets fans for another round of jokes about a hapless organization.

That segues to my next point: If a player, manager, or general manager in New York needs a thick skin, likewise so does the fan. Because when a season goes rancid, and this one spoiled before the all-star break, everyone jumps on the negative bandwagon (led by David Letterman, no doubt).

So as more stories regarding the doings of one vile former Mets executive (Bernazard) come to light, prepare yourself. This is the front office version of Luis Castillo dropping a game-ending pop-up against the rival Yankees. What it underscores is how futile the Mets are right now, both on and off the field.

If Bernazard was such an ogre how did he last this long? Maybe the organization needs to look in the mirror at the manner in which they conduct business. If Bernazard was a tyrant towards minor leaguers exactly how would that aid in their development?

And why wasn’t he stopped sooner?

(I just remember him talking at length on the field to National’s Manager Manny Acta before a game that made Willie Randolph seethe. Obviously, Omar had no control over this underling.)

All this reflects poorly on Minaya’s reign, and possibly adds another nail in his coffin. You can only fire so many people beneath you before your boss wakes up and realizes you are incompetent and it’s your head the ax is next sharpened for.

But, all of this is no solace to Mets fans who have been treated to a (nightmare) season of subpar baseball that has become fertile fodder for Letterman’s monologue.