Does Omar’s Message Still Ring True?

As the second half of the season commenced last night, with a loss to a familiar foe (curses Chipper), it’s time for Mets fans to slam the door on the resident traveling salesman, Omar Minaya. (When he rings the bell close the blinds) Because whatever he’s selling; vacuum cleaners, encyclopedias, and most importantly-HOPE, you should not be buying (or listening). 

For weeks leading up to the All-Star break the mantra was, “Get to the Break,” or, “We cannot trade for anyone better than our returning players of Jose’ Reyes, Carlos Beltran, and Carlos Delgado.” Both were spoon fed daily to Mets observers.

Yesterday, came the obvious revelation that the trio, (and John Maine) are not returning imminently. More likely they might be back in the fold come August (only two weeks away). So we are asked to wait some more. Like a patient in that closet sized examination room while the doctor munches on his morning muffin.

Well, I have reached my limit. The Mets are dropping faster than a cinder block-attached to the leg of someone who rats out the Mob, in the Hudson River (or East River, take your pick) and we are told to be patient. The fact is, Doctor Vinny Goombotts has a better idea of when our marquee players might return this season (maybe).

It’s getting (or has been) very tedious following these daily updates about nothing. Reyes hasn’t even begun to run the bases, Beltran is swimming laps, and Delgado working on his fielding ( Carlos, we need your bat, not your leather).

Frankly, the reality of the season has sunk in awhile ago and the denial aborted. This one is a wash-in the mold of 1987. Happens sometimes in a baseball season. You deal with it and move on. Enjoy the games in a vacuum and don’t get too optimistic when we rattle off a two-game winning streak.

All you need to know about the Mets and the fog surrounding the injuries (and their inept medical staff) is that the 20-year Fernando Martinez had surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee. Seems his knee has been bothering him for some time know, but who knew that surgery was in the offing? Not the Mets, I’m sure

He will be shelved for 4-6 weeks and joins the masses. How many more games before the Mets season is put on the permanent DL?