Dodge(r) Ball!

According to Minaya earlier today, he is “hope[ful]” that the Mets we have can stay competitive until the myth of the injured come back to rescue us and vault us into first place. The GM has hope? I watched eight innings of tonight’s game—rather foolishly as I think about it now—and I decided that hoping this team will stay competitive is akin to hoping I will earn a million bucks next year. Possible, of course, but highly unlikely.

In case you missed it, we lost to the Dodgers by the close score of 8-0. We mustered four hits tonight, including no extra base hits (unless you’d like to consider Cora reaching 2B when that idiot Castillo tried to stagger-step his way to third…enough!), not really even a deep fly ball. The Dodgers still don’t strike me as all that dominating a team, but they get hits, don’t swing at crap, work pitch counts, and, occasionally hit HRS off the freakin’ billboard in right (DeWitt)!

Let’s see, Pelf sucked, but he wasn’t horrible. Okay that doesn’t make much sense, but if you watched him pitch, you might agree with me. At any rate, he lasted a resounding three innings and threw 95 pitches. Whatever groove the guy had seems to have evened out. I’m afraid you won’t see the return of the ’08 Summer Pelf any time soon. Manuel eventually came out (seemed like it was the ninth and not the third!) to give him a love pat and tell him it’s all going to be better someday.

The BP characters followed, Dessens, Redding, Stokes (sorry, probably destined to be clowns 25 years from now in the annals of Mets pitching), Dodgers tacked on three more. End of story. Actually, I’m being uncharitable because the BP guys weren’t nearly as bad as Pelf, just mediocre. And with the Mets being unable to hit their way out of the proverbial paper bag…the idea of keeping us in the game seems an entirely moot point. I know, you get it.

As for the defense, I’m afraid Alex Cora was bang on: it’s so bad—horribly fielded grounders—Castillo; weakly thrown balls—WTH is with David Wright’s arm(?!); Nick Evans badly playing fly balls, miserable throws to the plate. Aaaaarrrrggghhh! Is Omir Santos capable of getting the ball on a fly to either the second baseman or SS?? And again, I hate to use this by now tired phrase, but just when you think they couldn’t possibly play a more lackluster, amateurish defense, oh, yes, they do!

If you’re not feeling desperate, then I think you don’t understand MLB. Miracles always happen, but if you think this roster of guys and that nice but befuddling and mumbling manager are going to get their act together soon to turn this season around, I’d have to say you are less loyal than unaware. We will sooner see another Immaculate Conception in 2009 than the Mets put together a winning record. Translation: this team as currently constituted cannot win. I love the Mets, but the 2009 Mets are sunk in their current incarnation. Never thought I’d see it this way, but tonight pushed me over the edge.

Lastly, wondering how many of you saw the Times articles today on the increase in injuries in BB, and the story about the Mets being built for today (NYUK!) and not about to be successful tomorrow? Encouraging! Lastly, lastly, didn’t Minaya already say something today about keeping the 2010 and 2011 seasons in mind. Think that about said it all.