Bored With the All Star Game

Tuesday night will be baseball’s annual All Star Game, from Bush Stadium in St. Louis Missouri.

St. Louis is a great baseball town, and the Cardinals are one of Major League Baseball’s most historic and great baseball teams. Having said that, I have no interest at all in the All Star Game. This morning I was watching the news on the FOX station here in New York, and the sports anchor referred to the All Star game as the summer’s premiere sports event. I guess he figured there were very few NASCAR fans around who would argue with him. Also with FOX carrying the game, he had to make it sound good. Of course the game will be extra unbearable with FOX’s Joe Buck and Tim McCarver working the game, but I won’t get into that.

I’m not alone in not liking the All Star Game. MLB realized that fans were losing interest and decided to add something to it, whatever league wins the All Star Game, gets homefield advantage in the World Series. Big whup!! I’m sure the people in cities like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City are really concerned about that. I don’t even think the people in Los Angeles really care about that.

Then there is this silly unwritten rule that every player selected to the All Star team gets to play. If the game counts toward something, why have every player play? Why not leave the best of the best in there and see who wins? The idea of every player having to play reminds me of my son’s old T-ball team. A few years ago we saw what happened when everyone got to play. They ran out of players and the game ended in a tie! And you thought there were no ties in baseball.

Next thing I don’t like is how the manager’s get to pick “extra” players. Who could ever forget those years when Joe Torre was managing the All Star squad for the American League and he selected so many Yankees it looked like a Yankee spring training game?

Now they have this internet vote. I understand Shane Victorino was the NL winner of that vote. Good for him. I was watching the S.F. Giants game last week, and the Giants announcers were practically begging the fans to vote for the Giants player in that poll.

While I am against the All Star game, I am all in favor of the All Star break. This is a great time for the players to get a few days rest, and for the managers to adjust their pitching staffs and make any other necessary adjustments. I would prefer to see David Wright sit out the All Star Game and enjoy a few days off. But that’s just one fan’s opinion.