All Star Break Can’t Come Soon Enough.

The All Star Break can’t come soon enough for this Mets team.  Unfortunately, Major League Baseball has something else in mind. In a landmark case, Major League Baseball has decided to postpone the All Star Game for one week. In an effort to boost viewership and to improve the experience of all in attendance, the decision was made in the late hours Thursday night by the Commissioner’s office.

The staff at Metsmerized Online were able to reach Mr. Selig at his summer home, “Selig Towers” on the Ivory Coast.  Mr. Selig stated that the decision was made to postpone the Mid-Summer Classic for one week in an effort to time David Wright’s hot streak.  He also stated that, because Mr. Wright has had to change his plate-approach because of the expansive park at Citi Field, he has decided to allow David to use an aluminum bat for the Home Run Derby.  When asked about his midnight approval of a new baseball design that includes the use of a helium core, the Commissioner would not comment other than to say that the unexplained phenomenon of the decline in home runs this year across the league is the impetus and is likely to be explored further.

While the above is far from true, Mr. Wright will be our sole offensive representative this year at the All Star Game (although Carlos Beltran was elected to the team, but cannot participate due to his injury).  In all of David’s streakiness, the task he has been facing this year has been monumental. David has gone from being a pretty big cog in a machine to basically being the entire engine. I’m certainly glad that he is being recognized as an All Star this year. However, with all of the work that he has had to put in this year, I hope that he’s not asked to overexert himself next week.  While we all applaud his work ethic and desire to be out there every day, David needs some rest, physically and mentally.

The All Star Break cannot come soon enough.  Up until recently, it was the hopes of all Mets fans that the All Star Break would be bringing the return of at least Reyes and Beltran.  We learned this week that neither will be returning after the break, and that there is still no timetable for their return.  We also learned that Carlos Delgado is stepping up his rehab and could potentially return by August 1st. Regardless, this Mets team needs this break to regroup and replenish their energy.

Omar Minaya informed us this week that, while he has explored many trade avenues, the decision has been made that the biggest help we can land is the return of our injured players, that there is no “one bat” available that will help the team as much as the players that we already have. While I agree with the decision that it is not worth it to deal our top prospects to land a bat, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there who could help with some of the role gaps on this team. It would be great if Beltran, Reyes and Delgado come back in great form, but how much is that going to help if they return to a team that has absolutely no gas in their tank? The way this team is playing, everyone is running on empty and are losing direction in every aspect of the game. Can the Mets order their current players to stay in their homes the entire break, to not ride motorcycles, not take cabs in Miami (or Manhattan for that matter), not ride with team trainer Ray Ramirez on any bridges, not use any hedge clippers, etc.  Please?