Ya STILL Gotta Believe!

So I found myself returning to school on Monday with a sour attitude, because of the results of the Subway Series in the Bronx. All the imitations of Castillo dropping the ball and little posters of 15-0, but I didn’t expect anything different. It didn’t bother me as much knowing that minus one dropped pop-up, we could have had a series win over the Yankees with a depleted team. I found myself realizing that there’s a lost sense of optimism with this team. It’s weird because I’m one to easily rant on my team and take apart how screwed we are for the season. But this is a Mets team that has been so banged up and patched together, and we managed to scratch out 32 victories and put ourselves only 4 games back of the Phillies (make that 3 games back!). But here we are, the Mets fan base screaming for Jerry’s head and Omar to be fired. And granted, this team has caught a lot of breaks with the failure of Lidge, the success of Livan Hernandez and K-rod’s lockdown closing ability. But for all the breaks, and for all the injuries, we’re in a good position.

So where’s the optimism?

Sometimes, I look back and I get so passionate about the Mets dominating that I forget about what it really means to be a fan.

I may not be old enough to have known the Miracle Mets of 69′.

Maybe I wasn’t born during the Hernandez arrival and the 86′ championship.

And I guess I was just growing up during Generation K and the Piazza Era.

But I’m old enough to recognize a good team when I see one. And I’m damn well old enough to believe. I’m one of those Met fans who groans every time the first hit is allowed, knowing that we just lost the no-hitter. I’m the one who pumps his fist every time Gary Cohen goes, “And the ball game is over!” for a Mets win.

Here in New York, the media microscope sometimes forces us to overlook the fact that we’ve got a great baseball team here. Who are we going to cheer for? The hefty lefty and the steroid user? I don’t think so.

This team needs our support, now more than ever.

Being a true fan means you ride with the team through the highs and lows, and don’t turn sides over a heartbreaking loss or some bad luck injury wise. And believe me, I know it’s hard to stay optimistic when your ace just had his worst career start and you’re missing an all-star at two positions, two starters, and a set-up man. But it’s going to get better. So for right now, I call upon the heartbroken, the believers, the Yankee-hating and whoever else takes the time to appreciate this site. Because I believe. You gotta believe with me.