Where Are The Mets Priorities At?

These days the Mets are a bit of mess as an organization.  There is almost 70 million dollars sitting on the disabled list, the roster is made up of guys who should be in the minor leagues or at best they are back up guys, the farm system has suffered some blows this past week as 3 young players have been suspended for the use of PED’s.

Yesterday the Mets announced that they are holding yet another 8th inning sing along contest.  Also earlier in the season the Mets conducted a survey via email asking for opinions on the teams uniforms.  The fact that the Mets want to get info from their fans is good but is too much being ignored or am I just looking for an excuse to pick on this team?  I just think that there are some more serious issues this team needs to address such as the training and medical staff and their constant mistakes of diagnosing the severity of injuries or applying the proper treatment to said injuries.

Another concern is the manager, he just doesn’t seem competent to do the job he has been entrusted with. His players are not playing at level that is acceptable for players at this level such as the 3 errors the infield made in one inning last night.  The bats are very inconsistent and the team does not bat well in key situations.

Another priority this team needs is to get everyone on the same level regarding news.  One team official says a player is healthy, the same player says that he is feeling pain in an injured area, this is not good, it makes them look stupid and it shows there is a communication gap that needs to be changed.

I’m probably just reacting to last night’s beating the Yankees gave the Mets and the surveys are minor distractions if a distraction at all but I just wish that this team will just worry a little more about the important issues that are hurting this team right now.