What A Train Wreck This Subway Series Has Been At Citi

So far the Subway Series has been a train wreck for the Mets offense.

Imagine if Alex Cora had continued his anemic ways against A.J. Burnett (where did he get that shirt, from Greg Anthony?) and not snapped an 0-21 lifetime with a slap single?

We would have been lamenting about getting no-hit by the former Met, a feat no Mets pitcher has ever accomplished. Nevertheless, the “hits cupboard” is barren right now, as the team stubbles toward the all-star break. Problem is, there are two weeks to go, and the Nationals might be propping up the Mets from the basement floor of the NL East before the mid-summer classic July 14th..

Especially if the Phillies, who scored 10 yesterday, right their ship. Alas, what to do?

First of all, maybe Jerry Manuel can insert Fernando Martinez into the lineup. What justification does he have playing Jeremy Reed, as punch less as a player there is, over Martinez? Play the 20-year old, or send him down for everyday duty.

If he’s overmatched by Burnett’s sharp breaking balls, so be it. At least he get his feet wet and the Mets get to evaluate their prized product.

Finally, I have never seen worse swings put on the ball than Ryan Church displayed yesterday. How many times did he unload his pop gun with check swings? Or excuse me hacks? Sometimes this guy looks like he has no clue about the science of hitting.

Then again, he has had plenty of company the last two games.