Trade To Consider: Tony Clark

The Mets are in a serious need of power.  Due to injuries, we have only two proven home run hitters (Sheffield & Wright) in the lineup – one of which is not really hitting homeruns.  Citi Field is playing a significant part in our lack power – but I believe hitting for power is important to be a contender.  We are 25th in the league in slugging percentage, and if it wasn’t for the fact that we are 5th in on base percentage, we would really be in bad shape.  During the past few weeks, it has felt like the Netherlands could put out a more powerful lineup then we are.

The position I belive needs to be filled in the most is first base.  Daniel Murphy, Fernando Tatis and Jeremy Reed have played alright there – but none of them are hitting close to what is expected for a first baseman.  A player for Omar Minaya to consider is Tony Clark from the Diamondbacks.  Arizona should be willing to make deals, as they have little hope of contending this year.  The former Met is pretty much as pure of a power hitter you can have.  He strikes out a ton, and doesn’t hit for average – but the trade off would still be worth it.  The Mets won’t have to give up hardly anything in return, and if Delgado comes back this year, he will fit nicely on the bench.  Some will say he hasn’t done much the last three years – a line of .236, 24 HR, 85 RBI in 419 at bats.  But the combo of Murphy, Reed & Tatis have averaged .274, 8 HR, 51 RBI every 419 at bats during the past three years.