Three Amigos: The Next Generation

After the ending to last night’s game, the Mets needed someone to step up today.  Perhaps it would take the collective efforts of more than one man to erase the bitter taste of the Friday Follies that took place in the ninth inning.  Maybe three men would be needed.  Which men could lead the team back into the win column?  Enter the Three Amigos, or as I like to call them, the Three Fernandos!

In the role of Lucky Day, we have Fernando Tatis, the leader of the Three Fernandos.  He scored two runs, drove in another and continued to fill in nicely for Carlos Delgado at first base.

Playing Dusty Bottoms we have Fernando Martinez.  He might not be the most experienced of the Three Fernandos, but he proved he belonged today, banging out three of the Mets’ 17 hits.

Rounding out the trio, we have Ned Nederlander, played by Fernando Nieve.  He’s the fastest draw of the Three Fernandos and proved it by pitching 6 2/3 strong innings and keeping the likes of El Guapo (Derek Jeter), Jefe (Alex Rodriguez) and Castillo (Mark Teixeira) from doing damage today like they did in the ninth inning of last night’s game.  The only one of the three who did any damage was El Guapo’s right-hand man, Jefe (Rodriguez), by hitting a typical Yankee Stadium home run that barely went over the wall in left field.

Will this trio continue to thwart the Evil Empire that is the Yankees, along with any other varmints that get in their way?  Will they be able to get the rest of their teammates to band together to continue sewing up the opposition?  Tune in next time to see the further adventures of… LOS TRES FERNANDOS!  (Rated PG for Pretty Good)

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