The Cardinals Are Brilliant, Mets Not So Much

As most of you know, the Cardinals picked up utility infielder Mark DeRosa for reliever Chris Perez and a player to be named later.

Of course some of us were shocked that the mets couldn’t up that offer, and there has been plenty of debate as to whether or not trading Bobby Parnell was worth it. Of course Mets fans always place such a high premium on Mets prospects even when they don’t warrant it. The funny thing is that the Indians flat out told Omar Minaya they didn’t particularly care for any Mets relief prospects and that includes Parnell, and last year’s untouchable Eddie Kunz.

We sometimes for get you don’t make a deal by giving the other team what you want to give them. You make a deal by giving them what THEY want.

As much as we like to convince ourselves about the future greatness of Jon Niese, Fernando Martinez and Bobby Parnell, the fact of the matter is they are just not looked at the same way outside of Mets circles. It doesn’t matter how valuable we think they are. All that matters is how valuable the rest of the league thinks they are.

Getting back to the Mark DeRosa deal, it’s mind boggling when you consider how brilliant this move was from every angle you look at it. The Cardinals are such a first class operation from top to bottom.

The Cards already knew that Khalil Greene was going to be out with stress related problems. They were able to get DeRosa without getting squeezed by the Indians because everyone in the organization operates on the same page unlike the Mets. The Indians would have demanded much more if they knew the Cardinals were about to DL their third baseman. Loose lips, sink ships.

The Cardinals also stand to gain two more prospects if they decide to let Mark DeRosa walk at the end of the season. And we are not talking 5th and 6th rounders either. If DeRosa continues to rake as he has, he will be a Class A free agent. That means who ever signs him in the off season, forfeits their first round draft pick. Plus the Cardinals get a supplemental pick before the start of the second round.

So the bottom line is they get the services of a 100 RBI bat with a great clubhouse attitude and a winning mentality, and then after the season they get two top draft picks, and all that for a middle relief prospect and a player to be named later. Considering the enormous drafts the Cardinals have had in this decade, what a bonanza of riches.

Genius… I tip my hat to the Cardinals… Well played guys…

Don’t blame Omar for not trying to get DeRosa. We have no evidence to suggest he didn’t. But if you believe some of the stuff circulating out there, the Indians told Minaya that we were not a good match. In other words, they had no interest in any of our relievers, and that includes Parnell and Kunz.

Parnell will be back in the minors as soon as Maine and Perez are activated. You could put that in the bank.

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