Thank You, Baltimore Orioles

The Mets beat the Orioles tonight 6-4 down at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. On behalf of Met fans, I would like to thank the Orioles for handing the game to the Mets. Tonight the O’s did to the Mets what the Mets have been doing pretty much all season, they played horrible baseball.

The main culprit of the Orioles defensive woes was second baseman Brian Roberts. Roberts was charged with an error for blowing an easy ground ball that could’ve been turned into a double play. Instead Roberts muffed the play and the Mets had two on with nobody out. The Mets scored four runs off that error. Later in the game David Wright hit a pop fly down the left field line. According to Keith Hernandez on SNY it was Robert’s ball. Instead first baseman Aubrey Huff ran out for the ball, dropped the ball and the Mets scored two more runs.

Tonight we also saw the rare strike out with the catcher missing the ball and the batter making it to first base. Ryan Church was the batter who struck out. The ball got past the Oriole catcher and Church was safe.

It was nice for a change to be on the receiving end of bad, sloppy play for a change. I’ve said this before, you simply cannot be giving teams extra outs. Tonight the Orioles gave the Mets plenty of chances. It wasn’t a case of the Mets beating the Orioles, it was the Orioles beating the Orioles.