Should Geographic Rival Games Be Cut To Three Games Instead Of Six?

Tonight inter-league play continues with this year’s first installment of the Subway Series.

I like inter-league play. Its a great chance for fans to see players that would not regularly see during the season. I even like the Subway Series. However,  I don’t like the fact that the geographical rivals play six games a season against one another. Its  made done by the Lords of Baseball motivated by greed, and ignoring fairness.

Here in NY the Mets and the Yankees will play six games. As much as I hate the Yankees, give them credit, they are one of the top teams in the American League, a perennial playoff contender. Last year the Mets missed the Wild Card by one game. The Brewers who won the Wild Card played a geographical rivalary match up with the Twins. No disrespect to the Twins, but they are not the Yankees.

Here’s another example, in the Central Division the Cubs and Whitesox play six games. Both teams are enjoying good times. Both teams are expected to be in tight divisional races. While the Cubs and Sox do battle, the Cardinals (another pernennially good team), play the Royals, a not such a  good team.

Out West, the Angels and Dodgers will hook up for six. The Angels are in second place right now chasing the Rangers. The Dodgers are the best team in the NL. Is it fair that while the Angels battle the Dodgers six times, while the Rangers are playing the hapless Astros six times?
Then of course there are the bad series. How many fans will show up to see the Orioles and Nats? I doubt the Giants or A’s are hiring extra ushers for an expected overflow crowd.

Here’s an idea, MLB should continue with the geographic rival series, but instead of six games, cut it down to three. Have the National League clubs host in even numbered years, and the Americn League in odd years.