Sheffield: It Takes More Than 25 Guys to Win

I just read a quote from Gary Sheffield on According to Sheff “it takes more than 25 guys to win a world championship”, he should know, he’s been there. I pretty much agree with Sheffield’s statement.

Watching last night’s game, you could tell Sheff was hurting, but he put himself out there, and played his best. I wish we could say the same about this Met team. No excuses here. In Omar Minaya’s opinion, everyone on this team’s 25 man roster is a pro baseball player who deserves to be here. It’s time the guys in this clubhouse started acting that way.

I’m too new to this blog to start pointing out individual players (give me a few days), but I will say as a fan, I’m tired of watching poorly executed baseball.

We’ve seen guys called up from the minors who, for reasons known only to them refuse to run when they hit the baseball.

We’ve seen more balks this year than we’ve seen in the last five years. We’ve seen players not able to make routine defensive plays, and I’m not just talking about Daniel Murphy here.

We have guys who don’t even think to move a bat from home plate, so that a teammate scoring from third base doesn’t trip over the bat and hurt himself!

A lot of articles have been written about how attendance at CitiField is down about 10,000 fans per game as compared to last season at Shea Stadium. Could it be because Mets fans are simply fed up with supporting a team that cannot play basic baseball?

Getting back to Sheff’s comments, the 25 players on this team’s roster on opening day were good enough to dominate the NL East. Guys get hurt, its a part of baseball. It’s time for the replacement guys to step up and act like pros. Its even time for some of the regulars to man up and start acting like pros.