Required Morning Reading – It’s in Their Heads

Mets fans should read the following article in today’s New York Times.

Basically, Gary Matthews Sr. (“Sarge”), now a Phillies broadcaster, says he expects our most recent and disastrous series against the Phils will pretty much be the formula for the rest of the year, even though we now still have more wins than losses against them this season.

 According to Sarge, Santana and Rodriguez have all the necessary toughness to beat anybody, but if the rest of the Mets can’t feed off this, then we’re basically doomed against Philly. Why? You guessed it: Matthews Sr. says that the Phils are so deeply inside the Mets’ heads that the Mets cannot play them confidently or calmly, and he indicates that the Phils indeed are full of swagger, toughness, and even cockiness when they play the Mets. They are convinced they will beat us, that they can always come back against us.

 Now, last year we cried about people like Heilman and Schoenweiss blowing it for us against teams like the Phils, although we beat them 11 out of 18 times. But we now solved the BP problems, right? If I didn’t know better, I’d say Sean Green, Bobby Parnell, and Ken Takahashi actually haven’t got us an inch closer to beating the Phils than our dearly departed from last year. And, yes, of course, I realize this past series cannot all be laid at the feet of the BP. My point is beating the Phils and taking over the NL East probably is way behind a power bat or an ace or the greatest lockdown guy. Twenty five Mets need to start beating the Phils and all other comers because they surge with the kind of confidence that keeps your mind in every game during every pitch.

Hey, I’m willing to start the season today. Let’s go get it, Mets fans!