Phucked Again!

Now, we don’t want to talk about “choking” anymore because that sends some Mets fans into a tizzy concerning overused and tiresome sports metaphors. Besides, who really thinks we choked tonight? We played great baseball, happened to blow another lead. I think, let me see if I have this right, the third straight lead in three games against the Phils. But, oh was there ever some spirited play out there! It’s not as if we failed to perform in a crucial situation or came back to overcome adversity through employment of steely nerves. No, players and performers who do that are chokers, but not my NY Mets.

Incidentally, does anybody know the Japanese for “Same Poop, Different Day”? Excuse me, what’s that? Aha, Ta-ka-ha-shi&. Gotcha.

Oh, boy!

Boys and Girls, if you’re not angry and not ready to jump, I guess I’m going to have to wonder if you have a pulse. Yes, it’s early June, and it’s one of many series (at home, mind you) that we’ll play from July to September against the Phillies, so stop the histrionics and the sarcasm. Right. Let’s just go on to Yankee Stadium and get things sorted out.

You may not like the “choke” metaphor, but I am so sick and tired of the invariable excuse some will fall back on about our injuries. Poor, poor us. Injuries affect every professional team. You have to use them to motivate everybody who isn’t injured, and then play ten times harder.

If you’re satisfied that we gave the Phils everything we had, but just couldn’t get the win, then I’m afraid you are going to have a long, dismal, and uneventful summer to confront.

Is it too late? No, but the Mets are going to have to play a very different kind of better baseball if they’re going to have any hope of being a competitive playoff bound team. 

This was a series to rip the heart out of every die hard Mets fan.

Tonight, life, well, she just plain sucks!