Pelfrey Cares, We’re Loving Sean Green, They Make How Much?

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Mike Pelfrey got his clock rung yesterday in Pittsburgh in what he called the worst start in his career. Jerry Manuel agreed with that assessment and said, “Yeah, I would have to say Pelfrey was pretty bad.”

Pelfrey actually had a pair of tickets to see the NHL Stanley Cup Final between the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins last night, but decided against it. writes,

It could have been a mixed doubleheader, the Mets and Pirates in the afternoon and the Red Wings and Penguins in the evening. Mike Pelfrey had good seats for both games and time for dinner in between.

When the first game was complete, though, he had an appetite for none of it. The outcome of the Mets’ game — and the prominent role he played in a lopsided defeat — sickened Pelfrey to such a degree, he eliminated the hockey game from his agenda.

“It would give the wrong impression,” he said. “And I probably wouldn’t enjoy it anyway.”

I can’t help wondering if Carlos Beltran’s tirade in the clubhouse had anything to do with Pelfrey’s decision?

In case you missed it, Beltran cleared the air after the game and gave his teammates an earful,

“The reality of this is coming here to Pittsburgh and getting swept, me, I feel embarrassed,” Beltran said after the Mets’ 11-6 loss this afternoon at PNC Park. “I mean, we have to take this personally. It can’t happen. It can’t happen, us being able to come here and lose three games just like that. Three games to this team. I know they’re a big-league ball club, but we’re better than them. We’re better than them. And we know we’re better than them, but we have to do something about it.””

The Mets have a payroll of around $140 million dollars this season, tops in the NL and second in the major leagues to the Yankees.

Of that $140 million bucks, the following players are  either on the disabled list or spent time on the disabled list:

Carlos Delgado – $16 million
Oliver Perez – $12 million
Billy Wagner – $10.5 million
Jose Reyes – $5.75 million
J.J. Putz – $5 million
Brian Schneider – $4.9 million
Ryan Church – $2.8 million
Tim Redding – $2.5 million
Alex Cora – $2 million
Ramon Martinez – $0.75 million
Angel Pagan – $0.575 million

Almost 50% of the Mets payroll has gone toward players who have missed a significant portion of the season. That’s a lot of baccala… That doesn’t include Carlos Beltran who missed some time, but never went on the DL. Beltran is the highest paid Met at $18 million dollars. 

Are you feeling like this guy this morning?

Don’t look now, but guess who has really been coming on strong lately?

That guy!

Sean Green has allowed no earned runs in his last nine appearances spanning 8.2 innings. He has allowed just five hits, walked one, and struck out <hang on to your hats> seven batters.

If Green can continue pitching like he has been, and Bobby Parnell takes to the setup role like we all believe he can, losing Putz may not hurt as much as you think it will.

You gotta give Sean Green some love!

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