Morning Grind – Wright’s Streaks Are Killing Me, And Please Fire These Guys!

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Whats Bugging Me

1. David Wright – I’ve just realized that my freaking mood swings lately are directly related to David Wright’s cold and hot streaks at the plate. Would it be asking so much to have just a little more consistency from the face of our franchise? I mean not for nothing, but he’s either white hot or ice freaking cold… no in between… and it’s driving me insane.

Also, is it a coincidence that Wright really started tanking after Beltran went down with that nasty stomach virus?

I don’t think so!

What I did learn in the last few weeks is that the Mets could survive life without Carlos Delgado and life without Jose Reyes…

Carlos Beltran is the real most valuable player on this team. Without him, this team is nothing.

2. Fire These Guys!

Ray Ramirez – Head Trainer
Mike Herbst – Assistant Trainer
Rick Slate – Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
John Zajac – Physical Therapist

I am sick and tired of all the injuries, especially the ones to Ryan Church (hamstring), Jose Reyes (calf), Gary Sheffield (hamstring), Carlos Beltran (knees), and Luis Castillo (ankle), J.J. Putz (shoulder), Angel Pagan (groin) and Carlos Delgado (hip). I refuse to believe that some of these injuries couldn’t be avoided.

I’m not blaming our conditioning people for all health related problems the Mets have, like the broken thumb that just landed Ramon Martinez on the DL, but I do hold them responsible for not doing more to avoid these other injuries.

For the longest time, I have had a big problem with how poorly conditioned our players are. Why aren’t they spending more time getting in the trainers room addressing these strains and soreness before they become a problem?

Do they have any idea what they are doing?

Every time one the players I mentioned wound up on the DL, they were originally misdiagnosed by our staff and their status was listed as day to day. What’s the deal with that?

When K-Rod was having a mile back spasm two weeks ago, he seeked the teams trainer/chiropractor who in K-Rod’s words made him much worse, so much worse he wasn’t even able to stand or walk without excruciating pain.

Why does that guy still have a job?

For almost a week, Beltran’s stomach ache was referred to as a stomach virus, and then a nasty stomach virus, and now six days later a real doctor diagnosed Beltran with a gastrointestinal disorder that is preventing him from keeping his food down. Are you kidding me!

Ryan Church was expected to miss 2 days at most and ends up on the 15 day DL.

Jose Reyes lingers on the roster for almost 12 days before he is ultimately placed on the DL.

Carlos Delgado supposedly had just some mild soreness, which Delgado disputed the very next day to reporters. Still they kept trying to play him despite Delgado’s plea that he felt this was more serious than some soreness. Only a week later do they finally send him for an MRI which revealed a hip impingement, a torn labrum and a bone spur. Wow, really?

We need to clean up this mess and really start bringing in some highly trained professionals who know what they are doing and have a solid track record of success.

Our medical and training team has become so inept that they are now directly adversely effecting the win/loss column.

Fire them all!

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