Mets Choke Again, Lose 9-8 To The Yanks

I can’t believe what I just saw…

I find it so hard to remain optimistic after watching the Mets lose in gut-wrenching fashion once again.

With a huge victory only one out away, Luis Castillo drops the game-ending third out, allowing two Yankees runs to score and give them a walk-off victory in front of a packed house at the new Yankee Stadium.

It was a god-awful way to go down and saying that they choked would be to mild a description for this abomination of a game.

The Mets seemingly create new and inventive ways to rip the hearts out of their fan’s chest.

How can we ever win anything when this team is so fundamentally flawed that even the 1962 Mets would be shaking their heads in disgust.

Every loss only magnifies how easily the pressure just eats them up on the field.

Today it happened to be Luis Castillo who dropped the ball, yesterday it was David Wright and Carlos Beltran, these losses had little to do with half of the team being on the disabled list and were more indicative of how easily this team can implode at any given time.

Were their positives in this game?

Yes there were plenty, especially when you consider that the Mets came back against the Yankees three times in this game, but none of that hardly matters when the game ends like an Alfred Hitchcock horror movie.

The Mets went into the bottom of the ninth up by one run with the score 8-7, and Frankie Rodriguez on the mound. K-Rod’s control was not sharp tonight, and after a hit by Derek Jeter and an intentional walk to Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez came up to the plate with the Yankees down to their last out.

K-Rod induces A-Rod to lift a popup between second and first that Luis Castillo one-handed and dropped allowing the tying and winning runs to score.

Frankie Rodriguez is the undeserved loser and his perfect saves streak comes to an end. His expression of disgust on the mound tells the story.

For the Yankees it was pure ecstasy and an electrifying win.

For the Mets it was a loss that burned a hole in the pit of your stomach that won’t be easily shaken off for the rest of this series.

It was mind-jarring and stunning defeat…

That’s all I can say for now…

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