Mets All Star Predictions

I remember during the trying times in the 90’s, the Mets would have one player representing them in the All Star Game. One lonely soul – just there because someone had to be – not necessarily deserving of the honor.

In recent years, the Mets have had their share of players worthy enough of selection to the Mid-Summer Classic. This year, we might be looking at four Mets All Stars, including the National League’s starting pitcher.

As of today, David Wright is leading the league’s third basemen in average and on-base percentage (with the qualified number of at-bats = 3.1 per game) and is second in home runs, RBIs and slugging percentage to his buddy Ryan Zimmerman of the Nationals. Aside from Zimmerman, what other third baseman could possibly be considered? I think we can all agree that Larry “Chipper” Jones’s good days are over, and it’s going to be Wright and Zimmerman at the hot corner for years to come.

Carlos Beltran is second in the league in hitting with a .356 batting average, even after missing quite a few games already this year. Only Juan Pierre of the Dodgers is hitting higher. His .450 OBP is second to Albert Pujols and he is seventh in the league in slugging. (Interestingly enough, as I was researching these stats, I noticed one Raul Ibanez leading the league in almost every offensive category, except average. Head-scratching, isn’t it?)

No other pitcher in the National League can even come close to Santana. He is third in the league in strikeouts with 89, second in the league in ERA with a whopping 2.00, and tied for fourth in the league in wins with 7. Now, he may not be leading the league in any of these major pitching categories, but if you look at the leader boards, his name is the one constant in every category; no other pitcher’s name appears as much as his does.

Finally, Frankie Rodriguez is tied for second in the league in saves with 14, being successful in every opportunity given to him. He has only allowed 2 earned runs in 24.2 innings while striking out 27 hitters who have faced him.

And there you have it folks … my predictions for our 2009 All Stars!  Hopefully they will represent us well.