K-Rod vs. Bruney! Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

WPIX has reported that Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez and Yankee big-mouthed bass Brian Bruney had to be separated during batting practice before the finale of the Subway Series.  Rodriguez took exception with Bruney’s comments about his post-game celebrations and confronted him on the field.

No word yet if the Three Fernandos or ‘Han the Man came in to separate the pitchers.

Here are my two cents on this.  Frankie Rodriguez is not the only pitcher who celebrates on the mound.  If he were to celebrate after any out he records, then Bruney would be right when he said “it’s a tired act”.  However, Rodriguez does his celebration after the last out of his saves.  He’s celebrating a victory, not the 15th out of the game.  Has Bruney forgotten the fist-pumping actions of his teammate, Joba Chamberlain?  Joba’s “act” sure got the attention of the Orioles’ Aubrey Huff earlier this season, when the first baseman mocked Chamberlain by pumping his fists after hitting a home run off the Yankees’ starter.

Perhaps Bruney should look in his own clubhouse before claiming that he’s never seen anything like it on the major league level.  This is what Rodriguez had to say in response to Bruney’s comments.

“If it comes out from somebody big, somebody who has been around and who is good at what he does, I would respect that from him.  But some guy that I don’t even know who it is…”

Good for you, Frankie!  Rodriguez has established himself as one of the best closers in the game.  Brian Bruney has appeared in fewer career games than K-Rod has saves.  He should focus on staying healthy (two trips to the disabled list this year) and throwing strikes (132 walks in 191 1/3 career innings).  Perhaps Bruney thinks the Yankees are paying him by the word.  If so, he’s doing his best to earn his salary.

The Mets and Yankees resume their rivalry in two weeks at Citi Field.  Let’s see what happens if Bruney comes in to pitch at Citi Field.  It would be fitting to see Bruney get the loss and K-Rod get the save.  Who knows?  Maybe Bruney just gave the Mets a verbal hotfoot that will motivate them to heat up their performances on the field.

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