Is Too Much Being Made Of The Lack Of Home-Runs?

The last couple of weeks fans and writers have been talking about the lack of power the Mets have displayed so far this season.  The Mets this year have hit only 34 home-runs.  Obviously the absence of Carlos Delgado has affected the number of home-runs the Mets will hit this season.  Jose Reyes, who also has a lot of pop in his bat is out until the All-Star break.  David Wright has so far only 3 home runs, 2 of which have come at Citi Field.

Home-runs are exciting to watch, especially if you’re a New York Mets fan and the Mets are playing at home.  As a young Met fan I can tell you that I always looked forward to seeing a Met player hit a home-run at Shea Stadium to see the apple rise as the hitter rounds the bases.  The 2006 season comes to mind as a fun time to see the Mets hit a home-run.  After every home-run we would see the Mets celebrate, Jose Reyes had a different celebration for every teammate who knocked one out of the park it seemed.

Home-runs are an important part of the game, there is no denying that fact.  If you down 4-5 runs, a nice 3 run homer can get you right back in the game.  That being said the fact that the Mets are lacking in the home-runs does not concern me as much as it has other fans and the writers.  I think Citi Field has something to do with the lack of home-run production by the Mets.  To hit a home-run out of the park you have to be a great home-run hitter who has a lot of power.  David Wright since 2005 has hit at least 26 HR’s.  In the beginning of the season you could see that David was still trying to hit home-runs.  After a few weeks David’s swing seems different.  He is currently hitting .345 while his on-base-percentage is .448.  I believe Wright has adjusted his swing in order to hit in Citi Field.  It’s much bigger than Shea.  It’s built differently.  Unlike the new Yankee Stadium, Citi Field is not built to help with the long ball.  It’s quite the opposite.  The Wilpons from day 1 have said that Citi Field is a pitchers park.  David Wright isn’t the only one who has adjusted his swing.  Beltran currently has only 7 home-runs but he is batting .342 with an on-base-percentage of .436.  Beltran is a career .283 hitter, with a career on-base-percentage of .359.  I feel that the park has made these guys adjust their swings.

The Mets have to start hitting home-runs more frequently, I agree but I also think that the emphasis on the lack of home-runs being hit by the amazins is a little out of hand.  I would rather see guys getting on base, driving guys in then trying to swing for the fences.  I’m sure there are those that disagree with me, sound off, I’m ready for the firing squad!