Ground Control, Is Sheffield Next, Who Stole The Good Tarp?

Joel Pineiro aka The Beast That Swallowed New York was unbelievable last night.  The sinker-baller stymied the New York Mets, and induced 22 ground outs in a 3-0 shutout Tuesday night at Citi Field. It was his second shutout of the season, and he didn’t allow a runner past second base. The Mets didn’t even hit a flyball until the fifth inning. All we can do is tip our caps as Keith likes to say, or we could write his number in bathroom stalls all over the city, “For a good time call…” Seriously though, is there anyway we can get Mike Pelfrey to pitch like that?

Earth to Sheffield, earth to Sheffield, can you read me? You would think that with Beltran going on the DL, it would open up even more playing time for right fielder Gary Sheffield. Especially when you consider that he is now our active homerun leader, and only true power source. So why has he yet to take the field since Beltran hit the skids?

“I’ve got to make sure we keep him fresh,” Manuel said. “It’s no secret that his legs are still somewhat bothering him. So we’re trying to freshen him up as much as possible.”

Wonderful… Just great… How long before Sheffield becomes the next Mets player to succumb to the disabled list…

While Gary Sheffield tries to get back to game playing mode, the Mets have been forced to play last season’s big surprise, Fernando Tatis. The problem with that is that the 2009 Fernando Tatis is not the same player we saw in 2008. Gary, Keith and Ron all agree it’s the return of that long swing that has gotten him into plenty of trouble before in his career.

In his last two games, Tatis has snuffed out three would-be rallies by grounding into three inning ending double plays and wiping out a Mets scoring opportunity. The double-play might be a pitcher’s best friend, but this year it has become a Mets fan’s worst nightmare.

In his last 27 games he is batting .171 (12-for-70), and for the season, Tatis is batting .248 with two homers and 13 RBIs in 129 at-bats. It’s a far cry from last season when he hit .297 with 11 homers and 47 RBIs in 273 at-bats.

Is there anyway we could give that number 17 back to Keith?

What was up with that tarp yesterday after the heavens opened up and a deluge fell upon Citi Field? If I was watching in black and white, I would have sworn it was some vintage silent era comedy like the Keystone Cops or Laurel and Hardy out there. You would think that for all those millions, we could have at least gotten a tarp to cover the field that actually fits.

The funniest part of the whole thing was as soon as they were within one inch of getting the field covered, it stopped raining and they immediately took it off. By then, so much rain had fallen that they had to shovel in a ton of new sand and dirt to absorb the puddles all over the infield. Geez… Can’t we get Geico or better yet, Spongetech to buy us a new one so we don’t have to risk an appearance on America’s Funniest Videos?

That’s all for now, and as always, LETS GO METS!

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