Four Keys to Beating the Phils

Unless Mets G.M. Omar Minaya does something dramatic later on tonight, or in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, it appears that the Mets will head into this week’s contest with the Phillies as is. As an incredibly faithful Met fan, I still believe this team can do well against the Phillies if they follow three of the four keys I have listed below. The fourth key is up to Met fans.

Key 1: Quality starts from the pitchers: The pitchers lined up for these three games shape up as the great Mr. Santana, Mike Pelfrey, and Tim Redding. We pretty much know what to expect from Johan, but what about Pelf and Redding? After his start last week against the Pirates, Pelfrey stated it was the worse start of his career. Well Wednesday night would be really good timing for the best start of his career. Tim Redding has been up and down. In four starts he’s looked awesome in two, not so good in two. It would be huge for the Mets to have Redding replicate his last outing against the Nats. Bottom line the Mets need at least 6 good innings from these guys.

Key 2: Three outs per inning: On defense the Mets need to play error free, mistake free baseball, something that has been missing from way too many games this season. If you make an error quality teams will capitalize on them. The Mets can ill afford to be giving the Phils four outs per inning. The defense needs to crisp.

Key 3: Play small ball: We’ve all heard how the new “world class home of the Mets” is a hitter’s park. Citifield has a huge outfield. The Mets need to use that to their advantage. Instead of hitting for the fences, drill doubles and singles. Currently there is very little power in this team. The Mets need to steal bases, bunt the runners over, take the extra base. Make the Phils play error free on the field. There has been a lot said and written about how the Mets don’t have a power hitter right now. I remember the St. Louis Cardinals back in the mid eighties won a lot of games playing small ball. That’s what the Mets need to do now.

Key 4: The tenth man: There are two topics I will never blog about, one is the argument of good fan vs. bad fan. The second is proposing trades. It’s the second week of June. There is still a whole of baseball to be played. I’m not about to give up on this Met team, and I don’t think the Mets have given up. The Mets really need to hear the noise from their fans. As beaten up as this team is, after a tough road trip, the cheers from the Citifield crowd would do wonders for this team. It incumbent upon the Met fan tomorrow to yell and scream for their team. We can’t hit the ball, or pitch it, or field it, but we can cheer our hearts out. Big series coming up, no better time to yell: LETS GO METS!!