Does Jerry Manuel Understand What Statistics Mean?

In a little while the Mets will be hosting baseball tonight at Citi Field, going up against the American League Champions Tampa Bay Rays.  The Rays will be starting Andy Sonnanstine.  Sonnanstine is currently 5-6 with an ERA of 6.65 in 13 games started.  Left handed batters are hitting .249 against him while right handed batters are hitting .290 against him.  The Mets lineup for tonight is as follows:

Alex Cora – SS
Daniel Murphy – 1B
Carlos Beltran – CF
David Wright – 3B
Gary Sheffield – LF
Ryan Church – RF
Brian Schneider – C
Luis Castillo – 2B
Nieve – SP

Alex Cora and Daniel Murphy are batting in the 1 and 2 spot against a guy who lefties have a hard time against does not make a lot of sense to me.  Cora has done a fine job at the top of the lineup and should be there tonight but why not put Luis Castillo who is a switch hitter behind Cora in the lineup?  Also why not put Omir Santos who bats right and regardless is a better hitter than Schneider anyway in the game tonight? Murphy earned a shot after the series in Baltimore, but maybe Tatis should have started tonight.

I don’t understand, with the stats that I mentioned that Jerry would put out this lineup.  Manuel’s decisions continue to befuddle me.  I think that the way he’s managing the team right now he’s managing them right out of contention.