Are The Mets An Embarrassing Team?

As everybody knows by now the Mets were just swept by are hated rivals, the Yankees. I was embarrassed to be a Met fan this past weekend. I wasn’t embarrassed because of the lack of offense. I was embarrassed because of their lack of fundamentals.

In the opening game of the series the Mets had three errors. Now three errors in a game is bad, but they had three errors in one inning! I mean one error in an inning is fine, but three? It was like little league. Bad throws, missed catches it was like watching the Nationals out on the field. Then we go to last night, if you read the box score it will say that the Mets had no errors, which is correct. But as we’ve seen again, and again this year the Mets made poor choices. In the first inning Mr. Dan Murphy decided to try and get the force out at 2nd, rather than taking the safe out at first. If the game was on the line say bottom of the eighth, one out, the score is real close, you make that play because it can be a game saving play. However you don’t make that play in the first when the game is not on the line, even if the Mets have showed that they can’t score to save their life.

If the Mets were losing beacuse of their lack of core players, but were playing fundamentally sound baseball, I think people would understand, and feel sympathy for them. But when the Mets make mistake after mistake wheather it’s on the field or base-running, then there is absolutely no excuse. None whatsoever. I don’t care if your a bench player playing everyday, you should still be able to make throws from SS, to 1B. NO MATTER WHAT. And if your Mr. Murphy, that play he made in the first inning, is not from inexperience at 1B, that is a mental error, and not knowing the status of the game.

At what point do you start blaming Jerry Manuel? Here is a manager that preaches fundamentals, and clearly whatever he is doing is not working. If you “preach” something, the team is supposed to execute the task, which obviously the Mets aren’t. I’m not saying fire the guy now, I’m just saying he’s a bad manager. But that’s a different post for a different time.

All I’m saying is that the Mets are the laughing stock around the media, and fans. How many times this season have Met fans been crushed by the Mets sloppy play? Even if Omar Minaya trades for a bat, that player suddenly won’t make the Mets an error free team. Hopefully when Beltran, Reyes, Delgado etc. come back from the DL, we will no longer have to witness a sloppy team, that sometimes play like little leaguers.