09′ Mets Motto – We’re Not Gonna Lay Down And Die!

There are two things a ballclub that has been decimated by injuries can do: Slide their gloves back on their handlebars and peddle home dejectedly, or adopt an “us against the world” mentality.

Last night, the Mets showed the latter. And, why not? What do they have to lose now that all is lost?

The pressure is off Jerry Manuel because the groceries he was given this spring have molded from the summer rain. Omar Minaya, though, has to be careful not to play the injury card. His team was flawed before the stroll to the trainer’s room turned into a stampede. He’ll probably throw the fans’ a bone and acquire at least one stop gap bat.

Pitching is another matter.

What team enjoys the luxury of a surplus? I mentioned in this space a month ago that trading Carlos Beltran to Boston for some youth (Buckholtz and Ellsbury to start) might go along way to spackling the many holes, and yesterday on the FAN, Mike Francesa espoused the same theory, substituting Jose Reyes in the package (we both agreed that the Sox have talent and money to burn).

However, if anything, you deal the older player, but who knows what makes the flaky Reyes tick. But, I digress.

If players spout the “take it one game at a time,” mantra, why can’t the fans? Just sit back and enjoy each game in a vacuum and stop bashing your heads against your Mets wallpapered walls wondering when the masses will will return. Realistically, never, or chronically hampered the rest of the season.

I personally enjoyed last night’s win because rooting for the underdog is gratifying. For the Mets to win anything this season would be a miracle from a late June perspective. But this is the 40th anniversary of another miracle, maybe we are sitting on the precipice of the sequel?

Adversity has a way of strengthening or destroying individuals and teams. Which camp will the Mets stake down their tent in?