Wright Got Hot After Being Dropped In The Lineup

I took a look at David Wrights numbers this season and see how his splits looked since he was dropped from third in the batting order to fifth.

These numbers do not reflect last nights game.

Lets just ignore the one game where he batted cleanup and just compare his stats in the number three and five spots.

The biggest gains were made in RBI’s, batting average and slugging which was 160 points higher. His OPS which also considers his on-base percentage is nearly 200 points higher.

The increase in RBI’s can be attributed to his improvement in hitting with runners in scoring position, something Wright struggled with in April.

I applauded the move when Wright had finally been dropped to the fifth spot and commented quite frequently on this blog that he became to tight at the plate while in the three hole. He now looks so relaxed and the stats prove how much of a difference it has made.

Initially, a couple of years back I was glad when Wright was put in the three spot and he flourished there. But after two season collapses, Wright carried that weight with him to the plate. He looked like he wasn’t having fun anymore, the pressure was taking it’s toll.

Maybe in time Wright can resume his duties as the number three hitter, but for now I wouldn’t move him from the five spot under any circumstances for the rest of this season. (Barring injuries of course.)

The three hole is in perfect hands with Carlos Beltran, who is now in the midst of one of his best seasons ever at the plate. The switch worked out great for both players, but most importantly it worked out well for the Mets.

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