Winning Run in Slow Motion

Carlos Delgado scored the winning run in slow motion in a thrilling 1-0 Mets victory, or maybe something was wrong with my television, but it sure looked like slo-mo to me. I figured out why Werth hesitated and double-pumped down in foul territory: he couldn’t believe a turtle was on his way home!

The triumvirate of Mets pitching giants consists in Tom Terrific, Dr. K, and Santana Claus. I am so delighted I am alive to watch this man pitch. He’s like a Tititan or a Caravaggio or a Rembrandt. Unbelievable. It seems as if the rest of his teammates are always finding new ways to dare him to win: “Hey, Johan, we’re gonna get just three cheap hits tonight. See what ‘ya can do with that!” Unbelievable.

I mean, we faced Chan Ho Park, who pitched brilliantly, too, but, seriously, this pitcher ordinarily is no ace. Santana is one of the only players I know who could be so damned and so frickin’ fantastic that he will win with an arm tied behind his back. Wow!

Not sure we have turned any corners yet, but, heck, that’s three in a row—best Win Streak for us this season—and we’ll gladly take it.

Hats off to Feliciano and Roddy! Wonderful relief appearances tonight.

At bats, obviously, weren’t too good, but I have to say I didn’t notice too much stupidity, or too many mistakes. I was frustrated into the eighth, but I never felt we were playing bad baseball. Way to go Mets!

Let’s Just Keep on Winning! Woo-hoo!