What’s Next For Ollie?…Part 2

Last week I wrote about Oliver Perez and the decision of Omar Minaya and the Mets to send him into the bullpen.  The next day the Mets decided to put Ollie on the disabled list (DL).  The reason provided by the Mets was that after an MRI it was determined that Ollie was suffering patella tendinitis in his right leg.  Ollie stated after his last bad start that the knee was bothering him all season, trying to excuse his poor pitching performance up to that point.  It also important to note that since Ollie was taken out of the rotation the Mets went on a winning streak, the rotation and the lineup started living up to expectations and the bullpen became stronger.  Also Jon Niese was called up and delivered a solid pitching performance where he did not walk a single batter in six innings pitched.

We all know Ollie was placed on the DL due to the fact that he balked at going down to the minor leagues.  I know the word going around was that Ollie’s agent Scott Boras would not allow Ollie to be sent down but lets not forget who works for who.  Ollie can tell his agent that “this team signed me to a 3 year deal at 36 million dollars and I’m not doing what I’m being paid to do so I’m going to help my team and go down to the minors.”  Ollie being Ollie of course did not do this.  His presence on the team was doing no good for anyone, the best thing was to accept a minor league assignment but unfortunately Ollie is not a team player.  He’s about Ollie and that’s it.  The idea of Ollie coming out of the bullpen scared me, I’m sure it scared the Mets and their fans alike.  The only choice was to put Ollie on the DL to make room for Jon Niese.

Ollie will be “rehabbing” down in Port St. Lucie.  While there I’m sure the Mets will try and fix him to get Ollie back to his old self.  Exactly what are the Mets trying to fix though?  Are the Mets trying to get Ollie back to his old, inconsistent self?  Ollie at his best was inconsistent.  We all know that.  Is that inconsistency really worth 12 million dollars a year when we have Jon Niese as our future?

Now granted Niese pitched just one game and that game was the Pirates but he did look good.  It is too early to talk about Niese replacing Ollie.  I would need to see at least two more quality starts from Niese to make that decision and I’m sure the Mets concur on that sentiment.  What if Niese does impress in his next start(s)?  What does that mean for Oliver Perez and the New York Mets?  Will the Mets continue to put Oliver Perez out there just because they signed him to a high, undeserved contract?

I know it seems like I have an axe to grind against Ollie but he was not worth the contract he was given.  He is not a team player.  He does not take this game seriously enough.  An example of this comes from David Lennon, the Mets beat writer for New York Newsday.  Yesterday on his blog he stated that Ollie was seen at the Magic-Celtics game.  Now the drive from Port St. Lucie to Orlando is a long one and seats at basketball games are not the most comfortable.  I know guys need to relax a little but I don’t know sitting at a basketball game is great for the knee.  I know that if I invested 36 million in this guy I wouldn’t be happy with him attending basketball games while he supposed to be “rehabbing.”  So after Ollie is done in Port St. Lucie and back with the Mets and continues to struggle what will the Mets do with him?  I know they are paying him a lot but you can’t put him out there on the mound.  What’s next for Ollie?