The Last Word On Last Night

The Mets committed a comedy of errors last night but not many bleary-eyed fans were laughing.

If you were dedicated (crazy) enough to last past 2:30 in the morning, you were treated to arguably the worse 11th inning in team history. First, Ryan Church misses third base on a Angel Pagan double and the go-ahead run is transformed into an excruciating out. Moreover, Jerry Manuel does not protect his player by contesting the call and then gives Church a “Michael Corleone,” and turns his back on the beleaguered outfielder when he returns to the dugout.

Then he refers to him as “the guy missed third base.” There was almost measureable snow amounts in the visiting clubhouse at Dodger Stadium after last night long game. Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner had a more amiable relationship in “War of the Roses,” than Manuel and Church seem to enjoy.

After the game, Church called his contractor and hired him to build an extension in Manuel’s doghouse because he expects to be there awhile. That is if Church remains a Met much longer. You can be sure if they acquire a first baseman to replace Carlos Delgado (he will be out two months minimum) Church will be included (the Nats notwithstanding).

Manuel has no use for him. With Angel Pagan’s lumber, not leather coming alive, the former concussed outfielder could lose more at-bats. There is no denying that Church is not the player he once was before suffering two hard shots to the head.

The Mets wasted a nice debut by Tim Redding by committing five errors. Ramon Martinez arrived near game time and booted a pair. What does it say about the Mets farm system when the best they can promote is a 36-year old journeyman to fill in? And, what has happened to Jose Reyes? How did one or two games turn into five missed?

Ever year the medical staff and front office botches injuries leaving the manager in charge to steer the ship shorthanded. Last year it was Church, most recently flying Delgado cross-country and then DL’ing him (as if a five hour flight would be the panacea for his balky hip), now Reyes.

If sleepy Mets fans nearly went to bed after the top half of the 11th, they had no choice after the Dodgers accepted a gold-plated gift from New York (if the Mets lose the Eastern Division by one game circle May 18th on your calendar). Carlos Beltran calls for a routine fly ball in the gap, but Pagan does not yield until the last instance and the Dodgers have the winning run at third (and Beltran was charged with the error) with not outs. Finally, Jeremy Reed cannot execute a 45-foot throw to the plate for a potential inning ending twin-killing.

The final exclamation point was almost laughable.