The Comeback Kids

Have any of you read Jack Curry’s piece in today’s Times about the Sillies? Well penned analysis about our enemy’s well developed tendencies to bounce back in the late innings.

Had you heard about this Philly proclivity?

Our Mets decidedly don’t comeback as Curry painfully indicates given how we have lost games for a while now. Ah, to have our mid-80s Metsies around!

Anyway, check out the piece if you have time. One thing that struck me: a fan favorite, Victorino no less, opines that as far as he can tell the Mets have just what’s needed to be a comeback team, too. But they don’t, he observes astutely. He goes on to say how his teammates are so sure of themselves, and they never even talk about it. I think that sense constitutes what we call confidence and swagger.

Do any of you think our Mets have a good esprit d’corps? Early indications are that the locker room and dugout are kind of dreary places when the team congregates. Yeah, winning should change all that, but don’t you need this to begin i you’re going to win consistently?

Don’t kid yourselves anymore. It’s May. Let’s begin OUR season tonight in Philly. To win this series this weekend given all of the doubt and loathing about would be, well, big.