Shock, Outrage and Frustration

Jerry Manuel was asked a great question during the post game presser. “Will your team come to regret these Johan Santana losses in September?”

“There will probably come a time,” Mets manager Jerry Manuel said. “There will probably come a point where you’ll think, ‘Wow, we missed a lot of opportunities with Johan.’”

Ya think???

Johan Santana deserves better than this. He deserved a better effort from his teammates and a better effort from his manager.

This loss is on Jerry Manuel. I know he didn’t make the errors, or allow the game winning hit, or fail to deliver at the plate, but this loss has his fingerprints all over it.

How dare you pull Johan Santana out of the game without even discussing it with him. He hadn’t even broken a sweat. Johan is a classy guy, because had it been Roger Clemens or Steve Carlton or Bob Gibson on the mound, they would have given Manuel a swift kick in the ass and sent him running back to the dugout sobbing like a five year old girl.

This is the third time this season that Johan Santana was pulled from a game against his will. Santana said he had no desire whatsoever to walk off that mound without getting the final outs of the inning. He said he couldn’t believe Manuel made the decision with out conferring with him, but there was nothing else he could do but go to the dugout and hope his teammates would get the job done. They didn’t.

The error by David Wright was the first of many flaws  and allowed the first unearned run to score.

“I can’t express how disappointed I am with me,” Wright said. “I know I can’t go out there and make every defensive play behind him or I can’t drive in every run with guys on base,” but “I want to be there for him, I want to provide some support for him because I see what goes into each and everyone of his starts.”

Jose Reyes, who made the second error that opened the flood gates and led to four more unearned runs, stated the obvious after the game.

“It’s hard to believe,” shortstop Jose Reyes said. “We don’t score any runs for Johan, and he pitched so good. I kind of feel bad right now.”

It was the second time this season Santana was charged with a loss while allowing no earned runs. Johan Santana could not recall something like this ever happening in his career before, and yet it’s already happened twice this season.

“What’s crazy is it happened twice already this year, and I never experienced that before,” Santana said. “But it’s part of the game. That’s the reality, and that’s what happened and I cannot change that.”

Jerry Manuel called it a coincidence. A COINCIDENCE MY ASS! How can it be a coincidence when I predicted the outcome the minute I seen him emerge from the dugout with the hook?

The sad part is that Manuel’s worst moment was yet to come.

After making the decision to remove Santana, and after Pedro Feliciano did his job only to see the inning prolonged after Reyes flubbed the third out, why did he leave Pedro Feliciano to face the right handed Matt Diaz who has a career batting average of .323 against lefthanders?

Matt Diaz was already 2-2 in the game! And he got those hits off the best lefthander in the game!

Why Jerry, why?

Why did you have Brian Stokes warmed up if you weren’t going to use him in that situation?

It’s colossal blunders like this that makes me wonder if you have the wherewithal to take this team to the promised land.

Johan Santana, has pitched 19 1/3 innings since his last earned run, and lowered his league leading ERA to 0.78 for the season . He has 60 strikeouts, also the most in the majors.

We should be smiling from ear to ear and reveling in Santana’s accomplishments, but instead we are all, as Gary Cohen once said, “in stunned disbelief”.

Is Bobby Valentine back in the states?

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