Regarding F-Mart, I Knew This Would Happen!

Most of you know by now, about how the recently called-up Fernando Martinez failed to run out a fair popup in front of the plate.

It was a stupid mistake and he should have been hauling ass.

After the game Jerry Manuel explained,

“That was really an unfortunate thing for him, but it was a mistake. I don’t see that as part of his regular behavior.”

Martinez was clearly embarrassed and said,

“I will say sorry to my fans and I promise that will never happen again. I don’t know what happened and I feel bad. I promise that’s not me.”

As fans, shouldn’t we give the player and the manager the benefit of the doubt? If it happens again then I’ll be the first one to rip into F-Mart, but please give the kid a break. He’s 20-years old for crying out loud.

The reaction to his stupid mistake has been too harsh and it’s a shame that it’s become the top story of the day. Maybe I’m just being naive, but shouldn’t the fact that the Mets are in first place be the top story of the day?

Larry Brooks of the NY Post writes,

Fernando Martinez was born to be a Met. For in what other organization or on what other team would this 20-year-old prove that he belongs by doing what has come naturally to so many in Queens, which, quite simply, is not running hard out of the batter’s box?

Brooks goes on to blast Mike Piazza of all people… Thanks for the rip Larry, go back to writing classifieds and obituaries, that’s all you’re really good at anyway. Clearly you don’t have a clue when it comes to baseball.

Joe Beningo ripped F-Mart to shreds all morning on WFAN as his warm-up for Daily News Live on SNY where he will proceed to finish his hatchet job.

Mike Francesa followed Beningo with an opening monologue where he tore into Martinez and Manuel for not benching him immediately. This would never happen on the Yankees he says.

Look, I don’t blame fans for booing F-Mart after his blunder, he deserved it. I don’t even disagree with those who booed him the next time he came to bat, he earned those boos.

But, can we all chill out now before we get into this guy’s head and wind up trading him in the off season to a team like the Nationals for a no-hit catcher and 30 year old platoon outfielder.

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