PED’s: Which Player Would Really Shock You The Most?

When the news broke yesterday about Manny Ramirez being suspended for using a banned substance, many expressed surprise and some shock.

It was the same when Alex Rodriguez admitted he lied and that he did in fact use steroids.

When two big players such as A-Rod and Manny Ramirez get thrust into the performance enhancing drugs controversy, it’s going to become a tabloid-like, National Enquirer-esque sensation.

The rumors of PED use had already been tied to both these players for quite some time. Jose Canseco mentioned both Ramirez and A-Rod as being cheaters. As despicable a person as Canseco is, he’s shown a remarkable accuracy in singling out the offenders, so while yesterday’s news may have a shock to it, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

I wondered which players would really shock me if they were found to test positive for steroid use or PED’s…

The one name that immediately jumps out at me is Ken Griffey Jr.

I think if he were to fail a drug test, it would truly be the most shocking and surprising revelation of them all. He remains the most credible and trustworthy of all the recent additions to the 500 homerun club. He still maintains that wholesome youthfulness and enthusiasm  that endeared him to so many over the years.

Derek Jeter is another player who would send shockwaves through baseball if he were ever caught.

What players would totally blow you away if they were caught using Performance Enhancing Drugs?

I’ll also be polling my Twitter followers today and I will share those results tonight.

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