Mr. So Unclutch

Man, that David Wright stinks!

Even so, he did go three for three, and gave us key ribbies tonight, including driving in the game winner!

Metsies beat the Giants 7-4.

Doesn’t it feel great when we beat our parents–GIants and Dodgers! As Mets fans know, we don’t play these teams especailly well when we go out to Californy, so it’s great to get this one under our belts.

The Giants don’t hit well, but their pitching is very good. Tonight we faced their weakest link and got to him. We pummeled their closer, too. All in all, very nice.

Mets pitching was so-so; kind of unfair, actually, that Parnell (who didn’t pitch well tonight) gets the win. Essentially, he burned up Maine’s decent 6 2/3 innings of effective gamesmanship by allowing tow runs in the eighth. Fortunately, he battled through and kept SF from scoring more.

John Maine wasn’t great, but he did pitch well.

Cora had some problems at short, but he is a smart player and this was his first start there in quite a while.

Overall, a pretty well played game by the Mets. Yes, we did leave ten runners on, but we got 12 hits and we got the timely hitting that we needed.

Big win in our first game of a tough roadtrip.

DWright is golden.

Sheff, incidentally, very impressive tonight as well. Love to see him intimidate the opposition and contribute to our team.

Let’s get Lincecum!