Morning Grind – Manuel Guilty Of Malpractice, Redd Alert, Dan Haren

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Today’s Hot Point Issues

1. What was Jerry Manuel expecting on Saturday when he trotted out that ridiculous lineup on a day that we were already at a disadvantage with Tim Redding on the mound versus Mets killer, Josh Johnson?

The Mets owe all the fans in attendance a refund for Saturday!

Imagine shelling out $300 bucks for a family outing to CitiField… the only chance you’ll get to do it… and then seeing Ramon Martinez, Jeremy Reed, Brian Schneider, Dan Murphy, Fernando Tatis, Angel Pagan, Fernando Martinez and Wilson Valdez  on the field.

Is this the guy that vowed to manage the season with an “every game counts” mentality? That’s what he preached to his players all spring right?

Well shouldn’t he practice what he preaches?

If there was such a thing as managerial malpractice, Manuel was certainly guilty of it on Saturday.

My advice to Jerry Manuel when filling out a lineup card… Garbage In, Garbage Out!

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2. How many more losses before we blow-up the Tim Redding experiment and send him to the bullpen which was the original plan anyway?  

The Mets have lost all three games he’s started, he has an 9.09 ERA that makes Oliver Perez look like Sandy Koufax, he’s more hittable than than a piñata, and his strikeout to walk ratio is equivalent to the number of moons our planet earth has.

He has been dreadful, and going back to the “every game counts” mentality, isn’t time for a change?

Isn’t it time to start considering other options, including trade options?

Houston, Colorado, Arizona, San Diego and Oakland are all out of it already with each of them in double digits in games back. As I look at their rosters I see a boatload of starters that would give the Mets rotation a shot in the arm.

We hear Jake Peavy’s name mentioned a lot, but how about Chris Young?

I’m sure that the D’Backs would love to unload Doug Davis who seems to keep pitching one solid game after another. He has a 3.65 ERA and is holding opposing batters to a .245 average. Or better yet, what about Dan Haren and his pristine 2.54 ERA to go with his 71 strikeouts and 9 walks! Could you imagine having a starter who averages less than a walk per game? We should be all over him…

Those are just a couple of guys that can be had with some of Omar’s persuasive phone calls.

Do something already!

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