Mets and Phillies Are Like Oil and Water

It seems like every time you turn around another player from the Phillies is flapping his mouth about the Mets. This time it’s reliever Ryan Madson who joins the fray when he made these comments as the Phillies and Mets got ready for their weekend series.

Madson told beat writer Scott Lauber that he loves playing the Mets because it brings out the best in him. When asked to explain why this what Madson said,

“Some of the guys on their team just wouldn’t fit in our clubhouse, and some of the guys here just wouldn’t fit with their guys,” Madson said. “That’s just how it is.”

“It’s one of those things where it’s like two totally different mentalities, two different attitudes, everything,” he said. “We just don’t believe in the same things. Our two teams, it’s like oil and water.”

 Scott Lauber explains further.

Madson didn’t come right out and say it, but the implication was clear. There is just something about the makeup of this Phillies team — call it “heart,” call it “mental toughness,” call it whatever you want — that the Mets simply don’t seem to have. It’s the ingredient that has allowed the Phillies to go 5-6 when trailing after six innings this season, while the Mets are 1-10. It’s the intangible that explains why the Phillies are 34-19 over the past two Septembers, while the Mets are 27-26. It’s the hard-to-quantify characteristic that’s most responsible for the Phillies winning back-to-back division titles and the Mets being playoff outsiders since 2006.

I would say that this would be good bulletin board material for the Mets who take on the Phillies at CitiField after a short two game series with the Braves.

But then again, I don’t believe the Mets respond to this type of stuff as much as other teams do. These types of comments have never motivated this current Mets team in the past.

As a matter of fact, I’ve never even heard of a bulletin board inside the Mets locker room. Maybe that’s what they need?

Hat tip to Mets Today for the link to this story.

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